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White Tie Affairs to Live Concerts

From start to finish, pre-production to loadout, Event Logistics and Consulting, LLC is your all-in-one provider. From your grand vision to detailed technical operations, from the most elegant of dignitaries and the social elite to corporate celebrations and live music concerts, ELC provides an uncompromising commitment to excellence.


Direct clients and top Event Planners from around the country call on ELC as their trusted resource, knowing that every step of the process will be smooth, efficient and reliable from setup through loadout.  ELC provides a flawless live production ensuring your audience enjoys every minute of elegance, festivity and entertainment.

"Event Logisitics and Consulting produced an amazing event, and

we enjoyed an incredible show!"

Site Management
Turnkey Production Services
Contract and Rider Analysis
Internal / External Contracting
Entertainment Production
Event Planners
Property Scouting
On Site Event Logistics
Labor, Crew, Technicians
Entertainment Production Event Plans
Corporate Dinners and Live Concerts
Live Gala Production and Events
Train Performs Live Private Events
Political Inauguration Party Events
Live Music and Entertainmet Mgmt
Society Galas and Private Event Prod
Concert Production and Entertainment
Ballroom Galas Event Producer
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