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What is your next event?

Here to help!

Bat & Bar Mitzvahs
Benefits & Fundraisers

Birthday Celebrations

Community Gatherings
Corporate Awards, Meetings & Special Events

Corporate and Personal Anniversaries
Debutante Balls

Executive Soirees

Grand Openings

Holiday Parties

Milestone & Accomplishment Celebrations

Political Events

Private Parties

Product Launches

Society Galas
Wedding Receptions
Wedding Showers & Engagement Parties


Event Services Available

Management     Production     Contractor

Event Management and Service Contractor

Event Logistitcs and Consulting, LLC serves as your overall Event Management and General Service Contractor to provide all steps of execution from beginning to end. We are available for event design and implementation providing the resources and vendors for all aspects of an event where our client seeks turnkey operations and event execution. We are here to eliminate your worry of supervising multiple vendors on a site, production scheduling, managing site logistics and pre planning all details required. ELC regularly provides a variety of services directly and through vendor partners, such as:

        Event & Site Management
        Concert Audio Systems
        Concert Lighting Systems
        Decor Lighting
        Video Wall Displays
        Backline Procurement
        Event Labor, Stagehands, Loaders, Riggers, and General Labor
        Permanent Stage Builds
        Temporary & Portable Stages and Canopies
        Electrical Power Management
        Party Tents and HVAC
        Tent Flooring
        Dance Floors
        Food and Beverage Catering

        Waste Removal
        Event Security
        Valet Services
        Social and Meeting Planners
        Decor Drapery
        Event Designers




Live Concert Producer

Event Logistics and Consulting, LLC serves as an Entertainment Producer, ensuring successful Artist production and hospitality accommodations, as well as a liaison for communications between performing Artists and you, the client. We provide assistance with the fulfillment of the performance rider, we negotiate aspects of the Artist’s contract, and we work with Artist’s production and tour managers concerning the performance details, catering requests, transportation and hotel accommodations.


The performance rider is especially key to a successful, professional event. When we are assigned rider production, ELC can often provide clients a savings by renegotiating specific items requested by the Artist. We provide the knowledge and experience with entertainment hospitality and production requirements; and we provide an overall accuracy which helps the entire event operate safely, smoothly and efficiently. ELC’s inspection, clarification and negotiation of the Artist’s performance rider, as well as the Artist’s contract, may result in substantial savings for you by simply renegotiating or eliminating specific requests made by an Artist before sending the final offer to an Artist’s booking agency. ELC has many years of experience in this process and can assist with Artist or entertainment issues when contracting a performer.









        Event Generator



        Labor and Crew


        Event Personnel


        Artist and Crew Hospitality

        Event Load In

        Event Load Out

        Insurance Requirements and Coverages


Stage Management

Event Logistics and Consulting, LLC provides stage management during your event, ensuring all artists perform at their contracted times and stage transitions and equipment changes take place flawlessly and in a timely fashion reducing the opportunity for guests to leave during set changes between artists. ELC provides EmCee talent typically requested on many society and corporate events. We coordinate all backline (artist’s musical instruments), whether specific to a particular artist or shared in festival style.

        Curtain Calls

        Load in/out Coordination

        Backline Placement

        Staging Additions and Props

        Artist Performance Times

        EmCee Direction and Scripting

        Voice of God

        Cue Calling

        Set Change Leadership

        Talent Wrangler

        Crew Chief

and More!
National Touring Artists
EmCee Talent
Variety Performers
Jazz Ensembles
Dance Bands
Party Bands
Tribute Bands
Look Alikes
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